Meeting of the Chesar Consultation group

SSS team has recently participated in the Chesar Consultation Group meeting held in Helsinki to test the trial version of Chesar 2.0 on 28th and 29th March, 2012. ECHA invited all the expert committee members including SSS to share their views and to identify the errors before the final launch of Chesar 2.0 version. Mr. Shrirang Bhoot from SSS team attended the meeting and tested the software from stability and performance point of view at ECHA.

Chesar is designed to help companies to carry out their Chemical Safety Assessments (CSA) and preparing their Chemical Safety Reports (CSR). The purpose of the Consultation Group is to validate the technical proposal in the development of future versions of Chesar. The first Chesar Consultation Group meeting took place the 21st September, 2011 (CEFIC, Brussels) and a new version is expected to come out after this recently held meeting.

The Chesar Consultation Group is composed of industry representatives, a few Member States and the European Commission and is aimed to support ECHA in setting the specifications for the tool and testing the tool during its development. SSS is the part of expert group formed by European Chemical Agency (ECHA) and is actively participating in the Chesar Consultation Group Meetings at ECHA.

ECHA thanked the members of the Chesar Consultation Group for their inputs during the Chesar development process.