REACH registration of a substance: Steps to be followed 

Please find below the steps to be followed to complete the registration of the substance and request you to kindly proceed accordingly.


  1. Your company confirms the intention to register the substance within the required deadline.
  2. Letter of Access (LOA) cost request is sent to the Lead Registrant (LR). LOA cost is received by the OR from Lead Registrant and is sent to your company for confirmation. 
  3. On confirmation, the Euro invoice (inclusive of the LOA fees, ECHA fees and Registration facilitation charges) is sent to the company by the OR and the payment is requested within 15-20 days.
  4. Company will also have to pay the member dossier preparation fees of 30000/- INRper substance. This fees will include the IUCLID member dossier preparation and substance sameness assessment by us.
  5. The spectral details will be required for each substance. The format and information details will be sent via email after the above confirmation is received.

·        UV, IR, NMR and GC/HPLC for organic substances and

·        XRD (X-Ray Diffraction diffractogram), XRF (X-ray fluorescence) or AAS (Atomic absorption spectra) for inorganic substances

  1. The following documents will be required for member dossier preparation in IUCLID. The format would be sent along with the invoice - once intent is confirmed by the company.

·        Information for member dossier – sameness (SIP) + spectral details

·        Letter of appointment

·        Use profile

·        Tonnage band declaration

·        TII confirmation (Transported isolated intermediate) and declaration on the company letter head of the buyer – if applicable

·        SME status of your company

  1. After the submission of payment and member dossier information, the registration process is planned to the completed within 45-60 days, provided the Lead Registrant responds in time.