Delegation to India-A Brief Report

A delegation from European Chemical Agency (ECHA)
- the nodal agency for EU’s REACH and other Regulations, based at Helsinki, Finland - headed by its current Executive Director Mr. Geert Dancet visited India in the 1st week of November. Sustainability Support Services (Europe) AB i.e SSS, in its capacity as one of the leading Only Representatives (OR) for REACH Regulation in India and abroad, was actively involved in several of the meetings/events that followed. 

1st November, 2017 | DELHI | The Pre-meeting

Prior to the actual meeting on 2nd November, 2017, a pre-meeting was held on 1st November, 2017, wherein the Chemicals Secretary had invited SSS to apprise the Ministry and the team from ECHA, CII, DMA etc. of  the concerns and challenges faced by the Indian clients in the context of compliance to REACH Regulation. SSS - being a leading OR in providing REACH compliance services to a major chunk of the Indian clients exporting to EU, having had the experience of successfully working for the past two REACH Registration deadlines, being well aware of the ground reality - could provide a detailed update about the current situation.

 SSS provided an update about the following issues from an Indian perspective:

  • Substances where Indian companies have taken the Lead.
  • SIEF related issues - influential late-comers / buyers’ arm-twisting
  • LR Verification – related issues
  • Double Lead issue
  • SME Verifications
  • Data owner – cost model – inflated cost / old study
  • Animal testing issue
  • Opt-out process time – consortia representing multiple substance of multiple clients

 These inputs from SSS forms a strong basis for shaping a REACH-like Regulation in India in the near future to regulate the Indian Chemical Industry.

2nd November, 2017 | DELHI | CII Round Table followed by Chemicals Committee Meeting.

An interaction (inclusive of a Q&A session) with ECHA team at Delhi was organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The focus was to to understand the evolution of regulations in the EU markets and the present provisions of EU REACH and start defining a framework that would enable the development of a suitable legislation for the Indian Chemical industry. SSS was an active participant as well as one of the sponsors for this event.


Mr. Shisher Kumra, ED, SSS (Europe) AB, Sweden with Mr. Geert Dancet, ED, ECHA and Mr. Raman Ramachandran, Chairman - CII National Committee on Chemicals & CMD, BASF India Ltd., during the CII Round Table at Delhi on 02.11.2017. 

CII had specially invited Mr. Shisher Kumra, Executive Director, SSS to present an overview on existing chemical regulations on hazardous/industrial chemicals and current regulatory developments in India.

 This was followed by the ‘Second Meeting of CII National Committee on Chemicals’ (Only for CII National Chemicals Committee Members). SSS being a member of this Committee, CII had delegated SSS to put forth before the quorum, the concerns and challenges faced by Indian Industry w.r.t the last REACH Registration Deadline of 2018.

 Here, ECHA acknowledged the difficulties that the SMEs face and informed that they would be working on this issue and would shortly come up with certain schemes, that would improve the ability of the SMEs to join the Joint Registrations. ECHA has assured that they would come up with concrete solutions for all such problems.

3rd November, 2017 | MUMBAI | A Short Meeting Organized by Chemexcil

This was a short meeting organized by CHEMEXCIL, where similar issues were taken up, as those that were discussed at the CII event. SSS took part as a participant.  Several of the client companies took this as an opportunity to meet and discuss with OR and resolved several of their queries through one to one meeting on the sides of this event - reaffirming the concerns and challenges that were shared with ECHA and Ministry of chemicals & petrochemicals.